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Contemporary fantasy novel written & illustrated by Paul Ikin


 Sometimes to tell one story…two must be told.

The Other Side of Eve

Here in Yellow Tree, there’s a bright and volatile teenager named Evelin Boots who is seeking a normal existence. With rising conflictions and burgeoning anxiety, she questions her sanity. ‘Eve’ escapes into her mind, searching for a switch to turn off her thoughts. Advice will be given; truths will unfold, for better or worse.

Little does she know her state of mind is the causes behind the state of Mare-Marie. The worse she gets the worse it becomes, fuelling the darkness and the sea that is destined to drown all.
It’s a race against time for Evelin to find solace and peace within herself before her anxieties bring eternal darkness across Mare-Marie and the Princess battling her demons within.

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The Other Side of Eve –
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5 Star Reviews

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“TOSOE has definitely worked its way into my top ten favourite books. It’s just such a gorgeous story. I think anyone with a love of Fairytales, fantasy, surrealism and good writing will love this book!”

By Kendal-Elizabeth

Excellent, extraordinary and very creative story. Once I started it was difficult to put down.

By Victoria

“This story is thoughtful and engaging; meaningful and daring. I highly recommend this book for all, especially the YA market. Within Eve’s magical world of Princess Belleny, there is a lesson to be learned, and we will all benefit from it.”

By GC MacQuarie

“A sort of Lewis Carroll meets Narnia; I enjoyed the quest narrative thread & the two stories are woven together marvelously.
If you enjoy fantasy novels I recommend this.”

By Josh Guilar


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