The Other Side of Eve The Other Side of Eve

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This enchanting narrative shares two abstract tales as one extraordinary journey. Entwined by action and consequence, the key protagonists are teenagers Evelin Boots and Belleny Vera. Both girls are placed in time across two lands; one in reality as we know it, the other, Mare-Marie, created as a metaphysical realm. Its fate is destined by the energy of the ethereal and the mental health of Evelin Boots.

Enter the surreal world of Mare-Marie, where magic is banned and a peculiar princess, Belleny, remains indoors, unable to bare the outside world. Its once ethereal foreshore is now a spawning fetid ditch of macabre where monstrous creatures, curses and witches spawn. In the darkened quarters of the Crystalon Castle, Princess Belleny, a renown recluse, is withering physically and emotionally in a self-confined tomb. Finding her only solace with the Orphans, an unusual group of creatures found under most suspicious circumstances.

The young Princess and the Orphans are awoken by a mysterious newcomer, the two-tailed Bateau, whose presence causes a chain reaction of dramatic and bewitching events that take them on a forbidden journey beyond the kingdom and into a battle of justice and honour against a vengeful witch and her growing army.

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'The Other Side of Eve'
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