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Paul Ikin
Paul Ikin is a freelance illustrator by day and an author by night. Also a father of an amazing one year old, Vincent!
His contemporary fantasy novel ‘The Other Side of Eve’ is about two distinctly different journeys of discovery, following both the fantastical quest of princess Belleny Vera from the land of Mare-Marie, and the mental journey of thirteen-year-old Evelin Boots from Yellow Tree, as she struggles to battle the wars within her head and accept her place in the world. When Eve’s own thoughts (and anxieties) begin to affect Princess Belleny’s world, this interwoven story takes off in surprising and exciting ways. The novel is full of adventure, humour and tenderness and also gently addresses issues of mental health.
It includes a magical fantasy map of Mare-Marie and over eighty bold and beautiful chapter illustrations drawn by the author.
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'The Other Side of Eve'
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