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Garon and his men

Main Characters of Mare-Marie and Beyond



Princess Belleny Vera (Queen Kikaan) ‘Cursed child,’ some say.
King Vasilis Vera – King of the entire South, responsible for banning magic from there as well.
Queen Anne Vera – The Imperial Majesty – Avid adventurist & explorer, botanist and discoverer of new life. Once bitten by the cursed hossla: Both now deceased.

Krin – Species: Hossla – found living under the floating cliffs.

Garon the Quick – Commander and guardian of the Mare-Marie Kingdom. The Quick are a race of their own. Not entirely unlike a bird, visually much like a raven, but with towering long legs, and an overall giant feathered body to suit.

Bateau (Bateau Catealis) Know across Mare-Marie as a two-tailed treat.
A fine delicacy amongst the creatures of the North. And more than a little voice in Belleny’s head, a curse breaker of sorts.

Lord Garmus – Missing in action/ the North.
Madam, Nalian Garmus – Soon to be widow of the late Lord Garmus.
Miss Manor – Royal eccentric.



The Orphans

Esdaile – the White Creature (Barera)
Palia (Oliv)
Agarus (Gormus)
Dillon (Aelios)
Monte (Roli)



Dante Vakares – Resides in the ghost town of Kay Kasa. Summoned by the voice in the sea. Spends his days searching for a key in the valley of Illusion, an obedient servant to Tjaman & Palice.

Kale Saalen – Lives in the Temple of Thought practicing magic beyond the kingdom, where it is banned.

Rel – Kale’s Familiar (not a pet) – Born of thorns and petals.

Raveene the Verill – (from the Gold Sands of Royalin) One of the sand beasts left alive. Able to defy gravity at times.


Within the Darkness

Lucretia – Witch – Expelled from the Royal kingdom. This is also her motive for revenge.

Varin Eel – Shadow Necromancer – Fueled on a poison, made of a concoction of anxiety, hate and fear, dripping from the Stone of Thorns.

The Tree Winta – The black, leafless tree scraping against the walls & roof in Belleny’s room. Never to see the sun nor soil, it grows on it’s own accord.


Those of Castle Crystalon

Alphena Crab – Extinct sea life, symbol of Crystalon Castle and its army.

Miss Stephanie Muscae – Substitute teacher.

Gustus – A Slog (A creature unlike a bear but with the face of a beetle) A royal guard and best friend of Kostis.

Kostis – A flightless fox-like creature covered in tight black feathers. An archer, royal guard, and best friend of Gustus.

Jodin Claire – Belleny’s frequent imposter and diligent maid.


Of Both Worlds

Ruegeris Bimatherous – Serpent of the Sea, protector of the inner child.


Desert Born or Bound

Viscous Candar – Sand creatures, thought extinct/eradicated from the Desert sands of Vheen, but have now returned.
Rast – Six-legged steed, born with two hearts – one to kick start the other in times of urgency.
Rinn – King Vera’s old but reliable steed. Died and revived itself more than five times.
Bernard Chamberlain – Youngest of the Kings riders. Fond of the princess, enough to risk his life.
Vanja DeQuin – King’s largest rider, a lizard creature unaffected by the desert elements.
Saler – Newbie Desert Rider

Calam Zouraa – Prison cart operator. An overwhelming being, comprised of an impenetrable  blue spiked coat, enormous arms and legless. Has the gift of levitation.

Berynic – Desert creature found by King Vera and brought back to the Crystalon Castle. Cursed by water is forever frozen in the moat.

Asel and Esla Graver – (The Wandering Gravers) Not to be trusted, keep your friends close and your spies closer.

Kylen – a hideous, frightening beast with playful tendencies. Abilities to absorb and transmit light through its wings. Used by the Royal Crystalon Army.
Kylen Rider – Rider/Soldier who rides Kylen.

Pepper -Miss Stephanie Muscae’s Kylen – A rare albino white version of its species.
Miss Boxtree – old maid
Sergeant Toroto – Messenger/Patrol guard rides ultra-fast, non-flying Raeen Bird.

Lysa – paper-skinned creatures of flight and wonder. Afraid of loud noises.
Yuka – the town prophet + shopkeeper.
Beedle Birds – Found weaving vines in the Queens Garden.
Giant Larch Snides – Not to be messed with.


Those of Dark and Light

The Occupants – Evicted Kale from The Temple of Thought.
The Gajaban Eye – Black glass shape floating above the Occupants.

Tjaman and Palice – Search the Valley of Illusion for the key to set Palice free from Tjaman’s cursed & chain.

Poskar – Also know as the Leech King, also a Shadow thief.

Gretn Maromn – Species: Nighdorax, an ancient from the sea forced to live upon the lands of Mare-Marie.

Drokura – Species: Xercean, an ancient from the sea forced to live upon the lands of Mare-Marie. Pet of Varin Eel.

Redeem – Potion made from the oily black liquid seeping from the Stone of Thorns.

Moraa – Swamp creature – blind, but witches can spy through its eyes.

Golden Cicadas – Giant golden cicadas that malt on the Black Mountains.


The Woodsmen

The Baron

Mune the worm


Great Gonzo Circus

Travelling Circus consists of four flat foot, shelled, giants called Horgan’s.

Atalas – first in line – Living quarters.
Auress – second – Rides & Amusements.
Aesar – third – Main Tent.
Augustus – fourth – Animals/Creatures.

Victori Gonzo – Owner and founder of Circus.

Malom Gipanick – Astral traveller and circus folk
Kabella – Fortune teller and hag
Wild Bilions – Not to be hand fed.
Garivin – Animal cleaner, dung remover.
Dankar – Conductor/Driver of Horgan’s.
Samothe – Gonzo’s strong man, wild Bilion trainer.
Yeenah – Giant flying manta ray creature in Gonz’s circus.
Geldan – Conjoined Siamese Twins of the same name.


Castle Morne

Many call it, Castle Fall. Built on top of the remains of a fallen giant, it’s bones spread across the Mountains of Morne.

King Morne – Once ran the show there, until darkness took hold.

Some new castle residents;
Sniffler – able to sniff out any intruders with his big nose.

Zaeble – Evil, tentacled beast of towering height.
Salamander – Not a good kisser but strong hugger.
Goramor – Giant bus-size creatures that crawl along the Cassan river.
Badgabar – An old conductor of the Goramor.

Lord Verious – Pompous winged creature, destined to suffer a horrible death.


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