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Dear reader,

I am currently writing the Prequel to The Other Side of Eve and I plan to complete it by December 2017.
As an indie-author, I’ll be once again creating the entire novel from cover to cover (story, chapter illustrations, cover/book jacket, design, create & format paperback & ebook) and hope to do it in half the time it took to write TOSOE.

What I can’t do is edit the novel, this job is best left to a professional, unfortunately, they are very expensive! This is the part where I ask for your generosity. As I’m now a stay at home Dad with baby Vincent I won’t be earning an income, thankfully it’s free to write. A donation, of any amount, I will be teary-eyed grateful. It will go straight into The Other Side of Eve ‘Prequel Editor Fund.’

All donations will be on record and you will each receive a gift and if all goes well a copy of your own, please fill out your address in Paypal donation form.

Thankyou, please enjoy your free copy of  The Other Side of Eve. (donation or not)

Paul Ikin

Secure donations through PayPal, please download your ebook first, then use button bellow to donate. Thankyou!

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